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untitled, 2015
(Based on the original
German stucco from the years '30)
stell, size 200/120 cm
МЫ ПОБЕДИЛИ [We have won], 2015
steel, casts of brass, aluminium,
size 200/100 cm
Vaterland, 2015
34 objects from iron
size 350/180 cm
Reisefieber German doors:
Gdansk germ. Danzig
Bydgoszcz germ. Bromberg
Nowe Laski germ. Neu Laatzig
Zawiercie germ. Warthenau
Świdnica germ. Schweidnitz
Jelenia Góra germ. Hirschberg im Riesengebirge
Łęgowo germ. Langenau
Pisarzowice germ. Schreibersdorf
, 2015
installation, wood, steel, size 400/250/200 cm
“I am Polish, so I have polish responsibilities...”
from series of the cult of memory! 2013/14

intervention realized on 11.11.2013,
the Bródnowski cemetery in Warsaw
in the family grave of my ancestor Roman Dmowski
and in Sopot on 11.04.2013 at the tomb of
the great-grandmother Rozalia Dmowska.
photo documentation Dariusz Sitek
size. 118/80 cm
object-Polish rye, wood, fabric
size. 90/90/80 cm
"Limited edition Euro2012/10Survival", 2012
cast in bronze, textile
size 8/5/3 cm
"Krakow-Polish Capital of Memory", 2012
latin "Corpora dormiunt vigilant animae"
"Body sleeps, souls watch"
(Matejko Square in Krakow,
at the Festival ArtBoom)
steel, plexiglass, diodes LEDs, wiring
size 500/100/75cm
photo Weronika Szmuc
"The Plaque for the City of Danzig ", 2012
(established by
the Mayor of Gdansk and
Pomeranian Voivodship Conservator
no decision: ZN.4151/2724/2012)
bronze, engraved letters
size. 42/30 cm
(Historic Gateway of
Gdańsk Shipyard No 2
is a reconstruction of the oryginal one,
which was battered by a tank on 16-12-81
during the pacification of Shipyard.
It serves as a reminder
of the dramatic events
which took place
on this spot after martial law
had been declared in Poland on 13-12-81)
"Archive project:
Re-construction of 16.12.1981", 2012
copies of archival material collected IPN
showcases, glass
size 2/105/40 cm
"Re-construction of 16.12.1981", 2011
steel, archival materials
size 450/265cm, 430/265cm
(Historical Reconstruction
of the Gdansk shipyard gate nr 2
dated 16.12.1981,
after the destruction of T-55 tank.
Reconstruction based
on archival photographs,
IPN materials and
witnesses of those events.)
in the collection of European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk

"Brown Book", 2011 (version I - catalog 1987-2009)
pig leather, black paper
size: 23/16/4 cm
(the object was inspired by
the phenomenon: Brown Book,
a chronicle contains more than
two and a half thousand
incidents racist
and xenophobic and crimes
committed by neo-fascists,
including more than fifty
killings of monitoring by the editors
of the antifascist magazine "Never Again")

"Brown Book", 2011
(version II, Catalog: 1987-2009, 2009-2010)
black pig leather, black paper
size. 23/16/4cm, 23/16/1,5 cm
"Culture in the field of view!" 2011
(Nulla ethica sine aesthetica
- no good without beauty)
steel, size 290/100/25 cm
"Culture in the field of view!" 2011
(Nec temete Nec timide
- without fear but with caution)
steel, size 290/100/25 cm
untitled 2009
brasse cast, Swarovski's crystals
size 20/20 cm
"The Red K." 2009
bronze, natural coral, leather,
bronze chain, glass, wood, velvet
size 140/38/38 cm
"The Golden Queen" 2009
bronze, natural amber, glass, wood, velvet
size 140/38/38 cm
untitled 2009
aluminium cast,
7350 pieces of Swarovski's cristals,
wood, glass, rubber,
ellectric installation size 145/39/39cm

"The Queen of Poland" 2008
bronze, natural amber,
wood, glass,velvet
size 140/38/38 cm
In the collection of The National Museum in Gdansk,
Department of Modern Art

"The Polish King" 2008
bronze cast
size 75/23 cm

"Mistic crown" 2008
sculpture object, bronze cast
size 300/300 cm
"No 44" 2005/06
bronze object
size 700cm
in the collection Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie
Regensburg in Germany

untitled 2004
bronze cast size 15/13 cm

untitled 2004
bronze cast size 15/13cm
private collection